The Calgary Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Education Foundation (CPPEF) was officially formed in 2010. An outgrowth of the University of Calgary Department of Psychiatry’s Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Supervisor’s Group, members reflect a broad interest and expertise in current psychodynamic thinking, utilizing models such as ego- and self-psychology, object relations, and intersubjectivity. Integrating these with modern understandings in attachment theory, neurodevelopment, and interpersonal neurobiology is part of their discourse.

The CPPEF’s main objective is to further psychodynamic knowledge and expertise in the wider community of psychotherapists and mental health professionals in Calgary and beyond.  One of our activities is an annual Psychotherapy Day featuring presentations by a recognized exponent of an area of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. Speakers at these events have included prominent teachers, clinicians, and researchers. We have also offered an annual seminar series that aims to prepare participants for the next CPPEF event, as well as other seminar series on psychodynamic topics. Future endeavours may include peer supervision groups and the possibility of a psychotherapy training program.

As an independent non-profit society, the CPPEF retains links with the University of Calgary and other groups with which there are common interests.

CPPEF Committee Members